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Your Compass

by Patrick Parks

YOUR DREAMS serve as your personal compass

when you are your most uninhibited

when you have no fear

when you are not able to get in your own way

you fly, you move forward, you are triumphant

you are able to give completely

without a notion that winning is not possible

when you awaken

what makes you lose this gravitational pull to your greatness…

i know

i am going to tell you

if you ask

i will help you find your compass again


More than anything coaching is about a few things:

1. Insight (self-insight and the insight of others that support you in your journey that function as an accountability system )

2. clarity of vision

3. action planning / actionable intelligence

4. execution

5. course correction

6. refueling and resting

7. arriving at your destination

8. charting a new course (and starting again)

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