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Leader on the Rise: Charles Thomas, Jr. (former Notre Dame basketball player)


20100424 Charles Thomas_0156From time to time, we will highlight people we see as leaders on the ascendency – or as we call them “A Leader on the Rise.” In this segment of LOTR, we are featuring Charles Thomas, Jr.  He is the author or Scars, Exile, and Vindication, which is an account of his life from his early start in Flint, Michigan to playing basketball at the University of Notre Dame and then on to working all across the world as a member of the US intelligence community.

When you look at Charles you might not expect to hear some of the stories and credentials he presents to you, which is one of the main reasons why I thought it was important to feature him. Charles represents “a commitment to excellence [which is just one] demonstration of human potential,” as he says so matter-of-factly during this segment, and that commitment to excellence is not limited to one race, one neighborhood, one school, or any other marker that tells you you can or can’t be great. A leader will rise “like a rose in the concrete,” and Charles is definitely on his way from the ground to the moon and beyond.

Click below to see an excerpt of the LOTR interview with Charles Thomas, Jr.

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