Unlocking your power to lead worlds ahead


Our Mission

We unlock and articulate the plan for your success — giving you tailored tools to lead your venture in a way that makes life better for you and those you serve.

We attract the right opportunities, customers, and/or employees to you because we help you create authentic and enduring brand identities and help you see missed opportunities.

Patrick Parks, EdM – Principal

Patrick Parks is a leadership coach and brand strategist to Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, and driven individuals across the globe. Before starting his own venture and working as Head of Brand Innovation for a public relations & marketing firm, he worked for a boutique global leadership development company based in London for several years. He has also worked for IBM Business Consulting Services as a strategy and change consultant. His first position and the foundation of his career began at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), where he was a leadership profiler and intelligence analyst. He holds a Master of Human Development & Psychology from Harvard University and a BA, Anthropology from the University of Notre Dame. Away from his coaching work, Patrick has hosted TV shows on the CW Network and LESEA Network (SLAMU) and also writes music and performs across the US.

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