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securedownload-9Jose Aidar Neto, frm General Manager, Diageo, Italy & Switzerland

I had the privilege to meet Patrick many years ago when I was managing Central America for Diageo. Since then, a very good professional and personal relationship started. The combination of a solid academic background with strong experience within so many different sectors, plus the unique approach that only Patrick has, resulted in unbelievable coaching sessions — truly unforgettable. Patrick has the ability to, using the right words, ask the right questions and “provoke” you in the best possible way, unleashing your full potential and definitely helping you raise the bar. I have recommended him to several people and still use his partnership and knowledge as much as I can. There is no doubt that he’s the best coach I have had so far. Thanks for everything!

LisaLewis20110929CLisa Lewis, HR Director, Red Stripe 

It has been a pleasure working with Patrick on assignments to support our efforts to course correct performance issues in teams and individuals, including at the executive level, to cause a step change in results.   Patrick’s approach is very thorough as he spends quality time to understand the desired outcomes and unravel the underlying issues and the team dynamics to provide highly effective diagnostics and assessments.  He always works in a joined up way to ensure that the next steps to resolve issues and create proposals are spot-on.  He is skillful at creating the right action plans and to create clear options for leaders, even if that includes very difficult decision points to course correct performance issues.

His assignment with me and my team resulted in our super-engagement score moving dramatically year over year to being the highest in the Jamaica business after his intervention to help us to move from a disjointed team to a team of MVP’s.  His process was interactive and innovative, facilitating the right performance coaching and experiential exercises and conversations to cause a much needed turnaround.    We adopted the approach and got to the place of being aligned on high performance standards and ways of working for our team which have lasted till today.

Alejandro Colindres, EM, McKinsey & Company

“Patrick is a master at deciphering one´s personality traits and setting an action plan for maximizing one´s leadership and career potential. Through the process of interviews and questionnaires he was able to sketch a highly accurate portrait of my professional DNA, and how I might leverage it to achieve my goals. He helped me develop a clear career path of potential future steps aligned with my strengths and aspirations, as well as recommendations on how senior management can extract the highest value from my work. Take advantage of working with Patrick if you have the opportunity.”



Charlotte Bashforth, VP Finance, Broadridge

“To tap the fullest potential of your employees you need to address both what they are accomplishing and how they are delivering it. I was always a consistently strong performer, delivering what was expected of me and more, but I wasn’t performing to my highest potential because I wasn’t entirely aware of how I was doing things. By taking a more proactive approach in managing the less tangible aspects of my job (e.g. managing my relationships, building new ones, mapping needed stakeholder alignment, leading my teams, being aware of my impact on others, etc) I was able to accomplish more in a better way and bring out the best in those around me. I could not have done this without Patrick, his insight and readily available support.

During my time at Diageo, most people at a certain level and above had an executive coach. Patrick was mine. He intensely analyzed both my present and past interactions, interviewing co-workers, superiors, subordinates and me. Using this information, in conjunction with results from some of the tests he conducted, he was able to determine several key objectives and map out a transition plan. It wasn’t clear how I was going to accomplish these objectives nor was it easy to change some of my rather innate behaviors and at times having to delve into the emotional side of things was very humbling, but by crystallizing what I needed to work on and coaching me formally and informally throughout, Patrick transformed who I was.

Today I have had markedly more success in what I do, professionally and personally. The relationships I build are deeper, stronger and more authentic and I have become a generally happier person for it. It took years for me to make this transition and I could not have done that without Patrick’s tireless effort and support. I am eternally grateful to Patrick for all his time, energy, insight and patience. If you are looking for an intelligent, loyal, supportive and kind individual who can deliver what he commits to, Patrick is your guy.”

Maggie Frenero, Head of Performance Programs, Diageo LAC

I am forever grateful to you (Patrick) and Rocky Boiman (former NFL Super Bowl Champion). I am a different person now.”


Marguerite Cremin, Head of Corporate Relations, Red Stripe 

“I look forward to every session with you (Patrick)…it is always exciting and insightful.”

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