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There is no onereason why people get a coach? Similarly, the types of coaches  (leadership, executive, business, life, relationship/marriage, etc.) create more specificity and directional focus on the answer to this question. Still, if you desire coaching as it relates to your job or career, here are just a few reasons why a person might get a coach?

  • My boss tells me I have untapped potential but he or she has given me little to no guidance on just what that means.
  • I know I have barriers blocking me from doing better in my current role but I would like more guidance on codifying what those opportunity areas are.
  • For some reason, I cannot get past a certain role or level; I just can’t make director/partner/VP/SVP/CEO
  • I am in a leadership role and sense  that I could be doing better if I had more understanding of how to create change in others.
  • I am a first time leader and know I need help.
  • I feel like I would be better starting my own company than working “here.”
  • I don’t know why my job is making me unhappy.
  • I don’t know what my passion is? Am I in the wrong career?
  • I want to make a cross-functional move but fear it could be career suicide.
  • Am I as good as my functional peers?
  • Am I as strong of a leader as I think I am?
  • My team is not delivering the results I know they can deliver – is it me, them, or both?
  • I am not leading my life in the way I want to?

Most importantly, I advocate people getting coaches if they a) want to gain better awareness as to why they are not creating the impact they want, and b) most importantly if you actually are willing to change to get to your desired result or destination. In short, do not seek coaching if you are not open to change.

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